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Family Balancing Process for Indian Patients

The PGT-A, or Pre-implantation genetic testing for Aneuploidies is done using the latest technology called as NGS, or Next Generation Sequencing. With the help of this technology the Sex selection for family balancing is done. To complete the process the patients will have to visit twice to Dubai. Please find below the steps involved in the process.

Step 1 :

Counselling session with the IVF physician in Dubai over phone call or zoom call.

Step 2 :

The physician will send out the list of tests which have to be done by both the husband & wife in their city of residence in India.

Step 3 :

Once the physician receives the medical reports from the couple, a treatment plan will be sent to the them. The plan will consist of a list of supplements which the couple will have to take for around 30 days. The physician will also send a diet plan that can be followed by the couple.

Step 4 :

The initial part of the IVF process will be started in India itself. It will include the Ovarian stimulation from Day 2 of the periods till around Day 9. The female will have to take daily hormonal injections for the stimulation in their city itself.

The patient will have to be under supervision of a gynecologist or radiologist who is well versed with trans-vaginal follicular scans for monitoring the response of the patient towards the injections used for Ovarian stimulation.

(Please note, depending on the city of residence of the patient our team will try to arrange for medical assistance during the stimulation period. Our team will also arrange the medications for the patient.)

Step 5 :

After day 9, the couple will have to travel to Dubai & stay for a duration of around 5 days. During this visit the egg collection from the wife & semen collection from the husband will be done on day 14.

After this the couple will return to India. Meanwhile, the process of fertilizing (IVF-ICSI) the eggs & sperms will be done which will result in embryos. PGT-A of all the embryos will be performed and the embryos will be kept frozen in the lab.

Step 6 :

The results of the PGT-A will be sent to the couple in around 7 days. If the couple gets their desired gender embryo, then the IVF physician will prescribe a course of estrogen & progesterone tablets which will help in preparing the endometrium of the patient thus increasing the chances of the implantation of the embryo, leading to a successful pregnancy.

The patient will have to come to Dubai in the subsequent month for 1 day for the embryo transfer.

Step 7 :

The patient will return to India after the embryo transfer. 2 weeks after the date of transfer, the patient will have to a blood test for pregnancy (Beta HCG test) in their city.

If the patient becomes pregnant then they will have a baby of their desired gender.

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