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About Select My Baby

“Modern Technologies have opened a new world where we are spoilt for choices in every facet of life.

So, why shouldn't we practice the right to choose when it comes to balancing our families and having the naughty son who will ransack the house with mischiefs or the sweet daughter whose innocent smile will fill your heart.”

You could be at a stage where you have made a choice to have a boy or a baby girl but are slightly clueless on the way to go about it.

We can help you move a step closer to fulfilling your hopes of balancing your family through ivf treatment.

Looking for ivf treatment for baby boy in India or other counries, Searching abroad for an IVF specialist with an established practice and high success rate can be a daunting task.

This is where we come in picture. We act as an intermediary & connect you to IVF specialists in Dubai, with years of experience and highest success rates for gender selection through IVF, ivf treatment for baby boy or girl who genuinely understand your requirements and who will hand hold you throughout the IVF process.

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