Gender Selection for Family Balancing through IVF



Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) allows for the screening of embryos during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to identify chromosome abnormalities caused by aneuploidy.

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Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) allows for the screening of embryos during IVF in order to identify abnormalities in the chromosomes caused by aneuploidy.

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What is Family Balancing?

A "balanced family" is one with equal representation of both the genders in the family. Many parents feel a strong desire to balance their families with the addition of a male child or a female child.

In today’s times by using Genetic Technology as part of an IVF cycle, we can identify the gender of an embryo, prior to implantation/pregnancy.

We offer this technology to all the couples who already have at least one child & who would like to have another child of a different gender than the first. This program is referred to as "Family Balancing."

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How is Family Balancing done?

The wife has to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) where in the eggs are collected from her ovaries & then they are fertilized with the sperms collected from the husband.

After the fertilization happens, embryos are formed which are then tested in the genetic lab using the technology called as PGT-A (Pre implantation genetic testing – Aneuploidy). The PGT-A was previously called as PGS/PGD (Pre-implantation genetic screening/Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis).

The genetic test can determine whether the embryos are chromosomally normal or abnormal. The test also gives the information about whether an embryo is a male or a female. As per the requirement of the couple, we transfer the embryo with their desired gender. If pregnancy happens, the gender of the baby is already known.

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Patient Testimonials

"After 2 failed IVF cycles in Bangkok, we chanced upon the information that Gender Selection was available in Dubai. Not only the ease of communication with Indian Doctors here was far better, the treatment and technology appeared superior too. We are proud parents of a healthy baby boy now."

A patient from Punjab

"Being parents to two lovely daughters, we were looking forward to balancing our family with a male child. The Coordinator at counseled us and addressed all our anxieties. We were connected to the doctors in no time, who treated us with compassion and professionalism."

A patient from Hyderabad

"Our first cycle of IVF PGD failed unfortunately but we were so comfortable with the doctor and her team that we decided to go for our second cycle with them. We got our desired result in the second attempt."

A patient from Delhi

" connected us to Dr. Sreelatha and to our surprise she knew our native language. It helped create a good understanding amongst us. Apart from Hindi and English, she speaks Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil!"

A patient from Chennai

"Our desire for baby boy was fulfilled in the first attempt itself. All thanks to Dr. Sreelatha and her team."

A patient from Bengaluru

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